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A Message From Your Kidneys (Open if You Have Herpes)

Hey, it's your kidneys here.

Yeah, I know that sounds a bit odd but I have something really important to tell you if you suffer from herpes.

You see, my best friend liver (he never leaves my side) just told me that you recently took THIS herpes drug.

The problem is, it’s killing me.

So please stop.

Brain tells me that in a 2016 study, this common antiviral drug was shown to damage me within just 12 hours of taking it.

Scary, right?

So again, please don’t ever take this herpes drug, because if I stop working, well… you’re screwed.

Thanks for listening.

Wishing you the best,
Your Kidneys


My kidneys are fine - Here.
23638 W. Lyons Avenue #468 – Newhall, CA 91321
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